Laws of Reality

Laws of Reality
A visual companion for the writings (photo from


1. Permanent Dualism

All manifested parts must require their opposites in order to be manifested, as in either both or none.

2. Holonic Nature

All parts must represent both an integral whole in themselves and a component part for a bigger whole.

3. Super-coherence

All parts must be coherent both in themselves and with all the other parts they interact with.

4. Continuous Movement

The whole must change itself in a continuous manner, with no interruption, in order to be manifested.

5. Evolution Towards Complexity

The whole must change itself towards containing more interconnected parts and relationships.

6. Complexity In Diversity

The complexity of the whole must be given by the multitude of different parts it integrates.

7. Consciousness

The whole must have a way of receiving its manifestation.


(9 September 2018)

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